Date: 25/03/2024

Always tired? Try this!

Most people will feel tired from time to time. But do you find yourself feeling tired every day? Are you struggling to find energy to keep up with your daily activities? Don’t wait for it to pass by it self, it probably won’t. Here are common causes and what you can do about it:

6 common causes of feeling tired

  1. Deficiencies can make you tired. Iron, vitamin D and vitamin B all affect your energy levels. In the northern part of the world, we are particularly exposed to Vitamin D deficiency as we don’t get enough sunlight.
  2. Stress. Our nervous system is designed to help us when we need to react, but we weren’t designed to be alert all the time. Having too much to do can burn you out because your nervous system never gets a break. That can cause a significant feeling of fatigue.
  3. Lack of sleep. We need at least 7 hours of sleep every night, preferably more. Exercise can both help AND be a bad idea, read more further down.
  4. Diet. Simple carbohydrates and low consumption of healthy foods can make you tired. Most of us know what is considered “healthy food”. A good rule to follow is that the closer the food is to it’s natural form, the better it is for you. Fish fillets, whole pieces of meat, whole fruits, whole vegetables, nuts and whole grains are good for the body. Dehydration or too much caffeine intake may negatively affect energy levels.
  5. Lack of physical activity. Physical activity might be more important than you think. Are you sedentary most of the day? That might be the answer to why you’re feeling tired.
  6. Allergies can make you feel tired. Not everyone who has an allergy knows that they do!

Try this

  1. Consult your GP if you’re always feeling tired. Both deficiencies and allergies can be easy to combat, so the visit to your doctor might be well worth the time!
  2. Stress can be managed, but it’s a huge topic. We can’t fit all the information in here. In Trigo app, you’ll find several articles on stress and stress management that we recommend you read! Click here to read one of them on our web page, and remember to download our app!
  3. If you’re feeling tired because you have problems sleeping, regular exercise can help you sleep better. Some people have a lack of sleep due to their life situation, for example because they have babies. If this applies to you, you should avoid increasing your need for restitution. Hard exercise might not be a good idea. Fresh air, walks and daylight can boost your energy without draining you. Do you want to try a tough exercise routine to help you sleep better? Or do you need mobility exercises to loosen up? Trigo’s got your back, check out the app today!
  4. In Trigo app, you can track your fluid intake to make sure you’re staying hydrated.
  5. Making changes to your diet can be hard. You don’t have to remove simple carbohydrates altogether. Try simply adding something with fibres, vitamins and healthy fat to every meal. That way, you include foods that keep your blood sugar stable, and you might not feel as tired from the drop in blood sugar.
  6. You don’t have to be very physically active in order to boost your energy a little. Something as simple as regular walks can be enough. Do you keep trying new exercise routines, just to quit after a few weeks? Read our top 5 on how to get your exercise routine to stick here.

Be aware

Feeling tired all the time isn’t normal. There are a number of conditions and diseases that can affect your energy levels, such as diabetes, thyroid disease and depression. If you can’t find an obvious cause to why you’re feeling tired, you should consult your GP.

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