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Can running wear and tear on your joints

Osteoarthritis and running

Date: 17/02/2023

A lot of people are afraid of recreational running, as they believe they can hurt…
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Woman holdning her lower back, like she's in pain

Pain can be your friend

Date: 13/02/2023

Key points Change the way we view pain A lot of people see pain as…
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Mann ligger og slapper av i gresset

20 minutes away from less stress

Date: 09/02/2023

Have you felt stressed? For most people, stress is short term, but for others it…
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Man stretching

Don’t rest when you’re injured!

Date: 02/02/2023

Why do you get injured? Why isn’t rest the best solution? How do you treat…
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"PEACE and LOVE" is a principle for handling acute injuries. Pictured here is a therapist putting compress bandage on a foot

The “PEACE and LOVE” principle

Date: 02/02/2023

Key points What is it? PEACE and LOVE are two acronyms that was proposed in…
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Hverdagsaktivitet: Mann leker med barnebarnet sitt

3 minutes for a longer, healthier life

Date: 27/01/2023

Key points Here comes good news for those of you who dislike exercising, don’t have…
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