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Hverdagsaktivitet: Mann leker med barnebarnet sitt

3 minutes for a longer, healthier life

Here comes good news for those of you who dislike exercising, don’t have time to…
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3 menn, sitter med hver sin holdning; krumbøyd, henslengt og rett i ryggen

Posture and pain

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase “Wtach your back, sit up…
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Kvinne løfter kettlebell


Starting to exercise can be confusing. There are a lot of rules as to how…
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Picture showing a programme in the app

Programmes to rehabilitate your injury!

Trigo is now launching a new function, introducing Programmes! With our step-by-step programmes created by…
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New Year resolutions

We’ve started a new year, and some of you might have made some New Year’s…
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Think sports optimisation, avoid injuries

Injuries and musculoskeletal pain affect far too many young athletes.  It limits the desired sports…
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