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Trigo method

Trigo is the vision of Frode Skjelvan, founder, who has developed his philosophy over a 25 year physiotherapy and coaching career working with elite athletes including olympians, eliteserien footballers and handball teams in Bergen, Norway.

Trigo is delighted to bring this philosophy to the digital platform, providing empowerment and motivation: supporting you to increase your understanding and develop effective self-management techniques empower you to achieve your personal objectives, whether these are performance enhancement goals or injury rehabilitation. Of course, our physiotherapists are available too, should you need a professional assessment or just a bit more help.

The essence

Our approach is based on an holistic philosophy, understanding that humans are biological, psychological and social beings, all of which must be considered in order to promote good health and quality of life. As human beings we make choices, and the choices we make all impact on how we feel. If we wish for something different in life, we usually have to make active choices about making the necessary changes.

With Trigo the emphasis is on supported self-care. You choose how much you are ready and willing to put into it. Is it enough to get help to reduce short-term pain or are you determined to seek solutions manage the causes of pain for the longer-term? Perhaps you are ready and seeking tools to make major lifestyle changes to take more control of your own health and wellness?

We all know that even small changes can be challenging to implement. Therefore, at Trigo we strongly believe in getting help from others. A good piece of advice, a supportive comment or a “smiley face” can motivate and make the difference. Trigo offers efficient follow-up by professional physios and motivators, to complement the app motivational content: we call it “supported self-care”.

Trigo solutions are curated by our experienced physiotherapists to be accessible and achievable, no more heavy and boring training! Most of us don’t like to do exercise that is too taxing or takes up too much time. Trigo offers activities and exercises based on the principle of economy, to achieve an effective result whilst minimising effort required. It can be surprising how much impact just 10-12 seconds of work can have on pain and function, and it is motivating to know that this comes as a consequence of your own efforts. This way, you can fire up the app and select the activity at any time, to get the desired result. At Trigo we believe that good results are often achieved where there is better communication between the body and the brain, we call this “Connection” and it is very an important pillar of the Trigo philosophy.

A third key part of the Trigo philosophy is to understand the purpose of the activity. At Trigo, our experience is that if the person understands the purpose, then motivation and thus compliance increases. Therefore, promoting knowledge and awareness are central to the Trigo content, hence why “Cognition” is one of three philosophical Trigo pillars.

At Trigo we are also aim to create a balance between load and tolerance to load, so that over time we can withstand a greater load than what we are normally exposed to.

Strain can come from external factors, from the environment or from internal factors within the body or through emotions, thoughts and feelings. By helping to understand these factors we can manage both external adaptations such as how we use the body and/or how we relate to our thoughts and emotions.

We also work to help create the conditions to allow a greater load tolerance. Strength, endurance and mobility are included in our third pillar, “Conditioning”  and affects how much we can tolerate, as does our mental resilience.

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