Unlock new levels of performance

Unlock new levels of performance

Drawing from three decades of sports coaching experience, Trigo offers sports-specific performance optimisation programmes curated by Trigo physiotherapists, that can be assigned directly or customised for the individual athlete. Trigo performance optimisation helps sports coaches unlock new levels of performance; build and set individual or group training regimes, monitor progress real-time and collaborate with the coaching team.

Trigo Pro portal is ‘coach HQ’, monitor athlete performance and view dashboard alerts to ensure you make timely interventions to keep your athletes motivated and moving forwards.   Use in-app chat to send a helpful nudge or a word of encouragement; arrange an in-app video conversation to offer help, even when you are geographically separated.  Similarly, if your athletes need some coaching support, they can simply fire-up the in-app chat or request a video coaching appointment.

Optionally, Trigo can assign a sports physiotherapist to join your coaching team to offer professional consultation, guidance and support to help drive performance, whether it is identifying training needs to enhance physiology, conditioning for injury avoidance or to provide expert rehabilitation programmes when injury occurs.

With the Trigo app on their mobile phone, your athletes have access to their programmes 24/7, receive a daily set of activities when set by the coaching team.  If the athlete is motivated to do more, Trigo provides options to select appropriate activities and record their success.

As coach, you have your finger on the pulse. You are in control, Trigo is here to help you to build the performance culture you want.

The sports physiotherapist: enhancing youth development

The sports physiotherapist: enhancing youth development

Assigning a sports physiotherapist to your coaching team adds an important role to the support system. In addition to treatment and injury prevention, the sports physiotherapist can help optimise physical training, motor training, load management and mental follow-up. For top professional clubs this is expected, however most clubs and athletes can only dream of having such an offer, but Trigo opens this door for you. Trigo understands the demands and objectives, drawing on extensive experience from youth and elite sports, including Fana handball elite and SK Brann: Trigo offers content to support: performance-enhancing training, injury prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and pain.
If any of your athletes need examination or treatment, they can easily request an appointment through their Trigo app. We are building a network of physiotherapists who will be able to assist practitioners who need physiotherapy, either physically or as a video consultation. And as a coach, you can work with the physiotherapist and thus help the athlete return to training efficiently.
The sports physiotherapist: enhancing youth development

Trigo pro portal: your unique channel to your athletes

Trigo makes it easier for you as a coach; with a few keystrokes in Trigo pro portal you can:

  • Activate athletes programs for self-training
  • Choose from ready-made programs, which you can customise for each athlete, or create your own.
  • Build up your library of favourite programmes, for rapid activation.
  • Keep track of your athlete’s progress in real-time, see alerts on your personal Trigo dashboard when the athlete is off-track and perhaps needs some assistance.
  • Find routines that you can take with you to training.
  • Provide alternative training programmes for athletes who cannot attend training
  • Chat in-app with your athletes so you can support them in their own activity
  • Use in-app video consultation if your schedule takes you or the athlete out of town or for a quick coaching check-in.

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