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We make it easier for you to take care of your own health and get the experiences you want. In the Trigo app, you take an active role in your own health, make choices about what to do and have control over your improvements. With Trigo, you get the job done so that you reach the goals you have set for yourself, whether it is to become a world champion or to master life. You have a good overview of what to do and what you have done, articles that give you new insights and features that increase your own compliance.

We are with you “all the way” but no more than what you need to achieve your goals. And we have created our solutions so that you can easily get extra help and guidance from professionals, your physiotherapist, your coach or others. Get the support you want when the need is there.

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Your start point for the Trigo features. Home showcases the latest news and articles from our Trigo professionals. See your upcoming appointment reminders or tap to request an appointment. Check out your most recent awards or tap to view your Trigo routine. Home provides your quick access to key Trigo app features.


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Explore is your gateway to the Trigo library.  Tap on a body area to browse and select from hundreds of Trigo programmes and routines, curated by qualified and experienced Trigo Physiotherapists to help you achieve your rehabilitation or sports performance goals.

If you are unsure, simply select guide, tap on a body area and browse hundreds of articles covering conditions and anatomy, written by Trigo physiotherapists. Each article concludes with suggested Trigo solutions to help you on your way.

Use the + icon to view your favourite solutions or articles, along with any previous routines that you have completed, including those set by your physiotherapist.

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My Routine

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Trigo central is right here, My Routine is your daily dose of Trigo ready and waiting for you; simply tap to see your activities for the day and see your progress throughout the day and during a routine. Complete your progress when you have completed your activities to record your success!


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No proof, no glory! Record your Trigo achievements to track your progress. Add your Trigo routine completion each day along with key health measures such as sleep, physical activity, and hydration to provide you with a strong foundation for rehabilitation or to optimise your sports performance.

Injuries happen from time-to-time and Trigo helps with rehabilitation. When you compelte your Trigo routines, track your pain on each activity and assess your pain levels experienced each day as you progress on your rehabilitation journey. Your physiotherapist can use this information to monitor your progress and optimize your rehabilitation plan.

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It’s nice when your achievements are recognised from time-to-time. As you use Trigo features, add progress and track your lifestyle factors such as sleep, physical activity and hydration, Trigo recognizes your successes and key milestones with awards for you to collect.

So, if you record a ‘Perfect Day’, track your sleep, complete a routine, add your physical activity, achieve a success streak and many more, your collection of awards are stored in your account and you can see your awards within a couple of taps to allow yourself a little self-congratulations from time-to-time!


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Trigo has curated supported self-care solutions for lasting results. One of the core Trigo content pillars is Cognition, because ‘knowledge is power’.

Trigo supports and empowers you to take an active role in your own health to experience greater control and better outcomes. Explore hundreds of articles expertly written by Trigo physiotherapists covering common musculo-skeletal conditions, explaining body anatomy or supporting sports performance. Each article is conveniently cross-referenced to futther reading to help you explore your issues and also each article provides Trigo recommended solutions for your to try.

Browse the guide section within the explore menu and when you are ready, simply tap to select a routine.

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Trigo encourages you to take a full and active part in your own objectives, whether those are sports performance optimisation or injury rehabilitation, however as our profession Trigo Physiotherapists know, sometimes it is necessary to take expert advice to diagnose and set you on the right track with confidence. Our physiotherapists are ready and waiting to help you if you need it.

You can request an appointment directly from your Trigo app for a 1:1 video consultation with one of our experienced physiotherapists. Following your appointment, your Trigo Physiotherapist will tailor a Trigo routine specifically to meet your needs, which is delivered directly to ‘My Routine’ in your Trigo app. Trigo places emphasis on supported self-care, so we are here as much or as little as you wish, without commitment.