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Date: 06/01/2023

Programmes to rehabilitate your injury!

Trigo is now launching a new function, introducing Programmes! With our step-by-step programmes created by Trigo’s qualified and experienced physiotherapy Team, we want to help you achieve safe and effective rehabilitation.

Who are programmes for?

Programmes are suitable for anyone rehabilitating and treating an injury or temporary condition. We’ve made 14 programmes for 14 different conditions and injuries, and more are coming! You’ll find rehabilitation programmes for a sprained ankle, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, jumpers knee, runners knee and much more! Some activities might be a little challenging for some, but fear not! In those cases, we’ve made sure to suggest variations og adjustments. That way, you can do the adjustments you need for the activities to match your level.

What is it?

When you’re injured or have a non-chronic painful condition in you muscles, tendons, other soft tissue or bones, the solution is often rehabilitative exercise. Rehabilitation oftes needs to build difficulty gradually, and is therefore usually divided into “phases”. Different phases of rehabilitation will have different difficulty and different goals. Our programmes do that exactly; we structure your rehabilitation into appropriate phases. We guide you throughout the whole process, from phase to phase. Trigo philosophy is about empowerment, so at the start you are introduced with some knowledge about the condition to promote greater understanding; we call this Cognition. Through the programme we provide guidance and advice that lets you know exactly what to do and not to do at all times. Of course Trigo app does not diagnose, nor provide individual advice, it provides general information and guidance, based upon the experience of Trigo physiotherapists. If you wish to seek a diagnosis or wish to receive individual advice, we encourage you to cosnsult your physiotherapist or request a video consultation with a Trigo physio right within your Trigo app.

Many of the programmes we’ve launched now focus on typical sports injuries such as groin strain or jumpers knee. However we also have several programmes for conditions that occur in the general population as well. If you have an injury or if you’re in pain, may we suggest that you download and browse through our Trigo app to set you in the right direction?

What are the differences between a programme and a routine?

If you’ve seen our app before, you may be familiar with Trigo “routines. These are exercise programmes with 7-21 days duration. The point of these routines are to help you maintaining good habits that keep you healthy and happy. Activity and exercise is one of the keys to better health! A routine is not specifically focused on rehabilitation, but to help you develop and stick to some healthy habits, which can maintain good physical health. Programmes comprise of several phases, sequenced and time limited with the goal of giving you structured advice and information to help you with a temporary condition or injury, based upon the experiences of our physiotherapists.

Routines may be useful to prevent pain, injury and stiffness, and to relieve some of the symptoms of chronic conditions. They can be done all year around and as the name suggests, a routine can be repeated as many times a you like, to establish good habits.

Programmes provide general information and structured guidance to help rehabilitate from a temporary injury or condition. As soon as you’re pain free and have completed all the phases of the programme, you’ve also completed the programme. After a programme is completed, we do recommend that you move on to finding a routine that you can continue doing to maintain good musculoskeletal health. Don’t forget that Trigo app is provides information to help you but does not diagnose nor provide specific personal treatment plans, if you wish to receive personalised advice, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional or schedule an appointment with a Trigo physiotherapist right from within your Trigo app.

You’ll be able to see the difference between routines and programmes in the app. In the top right corner you’ll see an icon to indicate that this is a programme. The icon is a picture of three squares in the top right corner, which you will see illustrated in the picture below. Tap to view the phases and then select the first phase to add to your routine. Trigo does the rest, just check in each day and perform the activities.

Get started today!

Our app is currently free of charge, download it now to get access to a brand range of content: articles, routines, programmes and news. Recently added features include physical activity tracker, calories calculator and tracker and hydration tracker, to help you check you are taking on-board sufficient fluid each day. Download Trigo today to see for yourself.

The app can be downloaded from Google play HERE and from Appstore HERE.