A group exercising. Exercise can help prevent painful conditions.
Date: 10/10/2022

Preventing need for treatment and sick leave

In Trigo, we believe that there is far too much focus on treating painful conditions after they’ve occured, rather then preventing them from occuring in the first place.

Preventing the need for treatment and sick leave doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Pain in the musculoskeletal-system is one of the main reason for reduced ability to work in several countries (1)(3), and inactivity is a huge contributer in developing painful condition (1)(4). When we know that inactivity is something we can easily combat, why isn’t there put more focus into doing that?

Many people are considered inactive

Today, as many as 75% of the Norwegian adult population and 1/4 of the British adult population is considered to be physically inactive. The huge gap between Norway and Great Britain can be explained by how the two countries classify inactivity. In Norway, the minimum physical activity needed to not be considered inactive is 30 minutes of daily activity with moderate intensity at least 5 days a week. In Great Britain, you’re considered inactive if you get less them 30 minutes of physical activity in total every week. Most likely, the activity levels of other western countries are comparable to Norway and GB.

Many people have sedentary work, and they may lack the motivation (and maybe time?) to get started with activity in their free time. How can we help more people into a more physically active lifestyle?

Make physical activity a work culture!

Change is hard, espescially when doing it alone. A solution for making it easier, is having culture for physical activity in the workplace or in your social circle. Therefore, both employers and insurance companies should contribute in creating this culture in the work place!

By facilitating for activity during work hours, by creating a physical activity positive enviroment amongst co-workers and by offering financial support for different activities in the employees free time, you as an employer can make a huge difference! Doing that may increase in expenses, but it will cost you more to have employees on sick leave. Taking measure to promote physical activity can be important if most of the work in your workplace is sedentary.

Insurance companies can save a lot if there is a reduced need for treatment. Maybe it’s time to think preventative measures into what is offered in health insurance? Get started on preventing the need for treatment and sick leave today, Trigo is here to help you!

Trigo offers solutions to prevent need for treatment and sick leave

Trigo believes in preventing health issues. We think that by motivating employees to take responsibility for their own health, many musculoskeletal disorders can be prevented, relieved and treated more effectively. We offer solutions to help both employers and insurance companies with preventative measures to reduce costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how they can benefit you and your company!


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