Date: 23/09/2022

Trigo helps tennis players succeed on the court

Trigo Tech has partnered with Paradis Tennis Club to conduct physical exercise and build a good fitness culture. We make use of our experience in several sports, including handball, but adapt it to the requirements of Paradis tennis.

It is mainly handball players from Fana handball Elite who are responsible for the training. They have a lot of experience in this type of training. In addition, they are well schooled in the principles of the Trigo method.

Trigo method

We are building a culture where the young players at Paradis Tennis are taught to take ownership of their own development. Through the physical training we work a lot with body control and motor skills so that they get better and more appropriate movements on the tennis court (Connection). We teach them to pay attention to their own thoughts and work on work tasks. In addition, we explain the purpose of the different exercises, how the different activities affect what they do on the tennis court (Cognition). It usually increases motivation to carry out this training. And then we build physical conditions such as strength, mobility and speed (Conditioning).

Prevent injuries and pain

Although the work with Paradis Tennis does not have a direct focus on injury prevention, we expect it to be a consequence of this training; that’s our experience working with other groups we’ve worked with. Often it doesn’t take much, but the difference between getting even simple activities done can make a big difference.

Trigo becomes a natural part of the program

We started the Paradis Tennis programme with the physical training at the end of August and have been going on for a few weeks. The next step is to get started using the Trigo app and the portal for the Paradis Tennis players. They will then be given personalised training routines that they will receive through the Trigo app. Then the coaches will monitor progress via Trigo Pro portal and have a good overview of the activity they are doing outside of the Paradis Tennis sessions.

Paradis Tennis Club improves performance with Trigo.

And if they get injured or get some pain, it’s easy to give them a program through the Trigo app.

Eventually, the adult players at Bergen Tennis Arena will also be offered training follow-up via the Trigo system. With a little extra activity, they can avoid pain and get more enjoyment from the game of tennis.

If other clubs would like to look at a collaboration, just contact us.