Date: 27/03/2024

Get in shape fast – for beginners

There is little that is as motivating as seeing results after you started a new exercise regime. You have probably wondered what you can do to get in shape as quickly as possible to see the results you want. Read this article for our recipe and what you need to watch out for. This article is suited for you if you don’t have a lot of experience exercising, and if your goal is to feel a little stronger. Is your goal to build really big muscles, run a marathon, be good at a sport or do you have another very specific goal? Then you might need some more specific advice, but you might find some useful information in this read.

What do we mean with “in shape”?

The answer to this depends on who you ask. For some, it means getting in better shape to run faster, run longer or to feel that you don’t get so tired from everyday activities. For someone who feels like they’re weaker than they’d like to be, it can mean becoming a little stronger. Others may think of it as weight loss. In this article, we think of “getting in shape” as improving fitness, strength and mobility so that you have more energy and feel like the upgraded version of your self.

How fast can I see results?

There’s a lot that affects how quickly you’ll see results, such as genes and restitution. By restitution we mean everything that helps the body rebuild itself after exercise.You need enough sleep, sufficient rest and enough of healthy foods. As a general rule, it takes 4-8 weeks before you notice a significant change. If you haven’t exercised before, you may actually notice that your body feels different earlier than 4 weeks!

How do I get into shape fast?

The best thing you can do is to optimize the conditions for the body to develop. If the goal is to get in generally better shape, feel a little stronger and get better mobility, then this is good advice:

  • Get enough sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, your body will find it much more difficult to recover after exercise.
  • Exercise often enough, but not too often. If you train too rarely, you will not notice any progress. If you train too often, you will have a great need for recovery. If you don’t manage to recover well enough, you won’t be able to get in better shape either.
  • The more variation you get in your workouts, the more often you can exercise – and the faster you will see change. As a beginner, you will quickly notice results even if you “only” exercise twice a week.
  • Avoid injuries! If you start exercising more than your body can handle, you’re bound to get injuries. With injuries, progress quickly stops. It’s better to start off far too carefully and gradually increase. If you are a beginner, you will get results even though you’re starting off light.
  • Stay hydrated and make sure to eat enough food.

How should I exercise to get quickly into shape?

So, what’s the best type of exercise to get quickly into shape? All roads lead to Rome! We recommend an exercise routine that provides varied challenges, so you can notice improvement in several areas at the same time. A routine that includes a focus on both fitness, strength, mobility and balance will have you feeling better and stronger quickly. It will also be good for preventing injuries. In our app you will find a suggestion for a routine called “Get in shape in 8 weeks”, we highly recommend that you try it out! These are our recommendations:

The recipe

  • Strenghtening exercises 1-2 times a week. Do 2 exercises for upper body, 2 for lower body and 1 for core.
  • Do something to improve your cardio fitness 1-2 times a week
  • After every workout, both the strengthening and the cardio, do 3 mobility exercises and 1 for balance.
  • Avoid doing things you hate. Nothing is effective if you can’t ge yourself to do it. If you don’t like distance running, you might find it more engaging to do interval training? Skipping rope is an undervalued form of cardio exercise. Walking uphill is sure to get your heart beating. Find something you enjoy, or at least don’t hate. You might not enjoy any exercise just yet, but I’ll ask you again when you’re feeling in better shape, you might enjoy it more then.
  • Change it up every now and then! After 4-8 weeks, you’re body is getting used to the exercise you’re doing. It becomes energy efficient. Simply explained, you’re using less energy doing the same activity, because your body has become effective in performing that activity. Challenge yourself with new activities or variations when you feel like you’re stagnating.
  • Th first 2 weeks, there’s no need to “go hard or go home”. All activity you’re doing now that you didn’t before will get your body working and have you feeling more energized.
  • After 2 weeks, you should try to challenge your self a little every time you work out. Without pushing your self a little, you probably won’t notice any significant results.

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