Date: 21/09/2022

Trigo method in practice

On September 13th, Bergens Tidende newspaper had a report about the job Trigo founder Frode Skjelvan has done in partnership with Fana handball Elite to help Fana handball improve performance. Based on performance-enhancing motor and technique training, the new approach to training has contributed to fantastic results and a great reduction in sports injuries.

Of course, the players work a lot on building physical condition (Conditioning), but what perhaps sets Fana apart from many other teams is the increase in focus on body control and working on different qualities of the movements they do, what we at Trigo put in the pillar Connection. Perhaps the most important reason for progress and the low number of injuries, however, is that players take great ownership of their own development and health. They have a good awareness of much of what they do and make many good choices both in training and in life in general. It is a central part of the Trigo Method and is part of Cognition, Trigo’s third pillar.

Feel free to contact us if you as a physiotherapist or trainer are curious about how we are helping Fana handball improve performance. To view the original Bergens Tidende article about how Fana handball improves performance, you can read it here.

Performance optimisation at Fana Elite handball, Bergen.