Date: 17/04/2024

Could it be dangerous for me to exercise?

Are you 65+ and wondering whether you should exercise or not? We can give you one good reason to start today:

Once you get started, you’ll feel many times better than you do today.

You will feel more energized. Everyday activities will feel easier. If your muscles or joint are aching, being in better shape will most likely make you feel better. In addition, your body will handle more: You’ll bounce back better and faster after being sick. If you fall (which all of us do sometimes), you’re in far less risk of injury. And you’re less likely to fall in the first place. 

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In many ways, you can say that you bring your young body with you further into old age if you take care to strengthen it. If you feel that age has already taken its toll, it may be good to know that it is not too late. If you start exercising today, you will turn back time a little, and in just a few weeks you will notice changes for the better.

It’s safe to exercise

But you might be afraid that exercise could be harmful in some way? That strength training can be too high a load on your body? Or that your heart won’t handle being pushed too hard?

Much research has been done on the elderly and exercise. “Elderly” is defined as anyone over the age of 65. What is found is that not only is it safe, but you are likely to live longer and with a greater quality of life than if you did not exercise. Your heart gets stronger, your muscles get stronger, your bones get stronger. And the brain actually becomes “stronger” as well. All of this means that you can live in your own home for longer, take care of yourself longer and have more energy to spend with your children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!). And we’re not done;  it can even expand your social network. Both in the gym and in other arenas where groups get together to exercise, people are often very eager to get to know the rest of the group. 

There are a few conditions that require you to be a little careful. If you have such a condition, you will be aware of it and you’ve most likely recieved guidance freom health care professionals so you know which adjustments you need to make. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, you should have a chat with your GP before you start.

Do you want to get started? Try one of our routines to see how quickly you’ll feel better! You can download the app from Google Play and App store!